a new way to provide liquidity

Your ETH on Autopilot

As easy as swapping tokens.
Deposit into the Autopool and let Autopilot optimally rebalance across pools and LSTs.

Autopools are the New Frontend for Liquidity Providers

Seamlessly deposit into a single pool and let Autopilot autonomously optimize LP positions far beyond what you as an individual LP could achieve.

What DEX Aggregators did for Traders, Autopilot is doing for Liquidity Providers.

Made Possible by Autopilot.
Become the Best LP - in One Transaction.

Autopilot monitors the market and processes an extensive set of data – while saving on expensive rebalancing transactions.

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Autonomous Rebalancing

With Autopilot, you can do the things you love while it monitors the market and processes an extensive set of data to keep your ETH optimally allocated — all while getting the best yield possible.

* The above chart is for illustrative purposes only. Tokemak does not provide any financial advice or does not guarantee any result by using Tokemak software.
Stay on Top of the curve

Long term outperformance of any of the underlying destinations is ensured by staying optimally allocated to the most advantageous combination of assets and pools.

Returns are automatically compounded at opportune moments.

Gas and time saver by design

Instead of several costly transactions in order to provide liquidity, Tokemak only requires gas optimized deposits and withdrawals – and subsequent rebalances are done by Autopilot.

Up to x20 savings on transactions.

Audits and Security
Making Security A Number
One Priority

Tokemak has an unwaivering commitment to security. From day one, Tokemak has worked with the best auditors to maintain industry leading security standards.

Smart Contract Audit

End-to-End Audit

Smart Contract Audit

Autopilot (Strategy) Contracts

Crowd Competition Smart Contract Audit

Autopilot (Strategy) Contracts

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© 2024 Tokemak Foundation. All rights reserved.